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Anjl Rodee

On board our cruises, Anjl will be our source of laughter, musical entertainment and our art and painting instructor. She’ll show you how to make splashes of joy out of the cesspools of life. You’ll immediately fall in love with her kind heart and infectious laugh. She’s one of a kind

Anjl Rodee wears a lot of hats. Celebrity artist, improv comedian, and working musician; with more chapeaus on the rack, so to speak.

The creative headgear collection began accumulating in the Midwest; radio DJ, award-winning designer of both magazine illustrations and paper plate design (yes it’s a thing). Anjl is co-creator of Dear Anjl and Marilynn, an online humour column where relationship advice is doled out with salt and wit.

Anjl is the founder of BrushCapades, using entertainment to help people accomplish something they never thought possible: painting their own masterpiece.

She is working on her first book, A is for Aneurism.