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Catherine Ebeling

Catherine has had an active and passionate interest in diet and health since she was a teenager. Her life-long fascination with nutrition started in high school (in the 70’s), with reading books by the famous nutritionist, Adele Davis. 

After devouring as many books as possible on diet and nutrition, she got a Bachelor’s in Nursing from a well-known medical school in order to fully understand, human biology, physiology, nutrition, health and disease. She has just recently completed her Masters of Science in Nursing-Public Health and also holds an Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy. 

Cat knows that we have the ultimate power over our bodies and our health and set about learning how to ‘biohack’ her body and learn how to fully optimize genetic potential.   

Cat knows most diseases start with poor nutrition, inflammation and dysfunctional gut health. Eliminating toxic foods, and foods that contribute to inflammation can not only change one’s physical health but can totally changes one’s emotional health as well. Changing our diets can have serious positive impacts on all areas of our health—including many so-called ‘incurable’ diseases. Our diet is the foundation for every cell of our bodies and is ultimately important to our lives.  

Cat also has in-depth knowledge on food allergies and  food sensitivities through her own experience, knows how eliminating offending foods (even foods we are not aware of) reduces inflammation, balances out our hormones, helps us lose weight and prevent health issues. 

Her own diet has run the gamut from omnivore, to strict vegan, to Paleo/Keto. Eliminating most grains, dairy, sugar, vegetable oils, and processed foods can create the ultimate in health and energy, while fighting off disease and slowing the aging process. That being said, it’s important to allow yourself to enjoy and indulge on occasion! 

At the age of 50, Cat walked out of a terrible job and began the journey towards the career of her dreams, pairing up with an online internet diet and health marketing specialist. The first book she wrote, “The Fat Burning Kitchen”, instantly became a best-seller, (currently over 1 million copies worldwide). She has subsequently written “The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging”, “The Diabetes Fix”, and “Healthy Living Made Easy”. 

Cat was a Certified Personal Trainer for 15 years with her own fitness company and is now a personal Health Coach to women struggling through midlife hormones.  Her 12 week program Mastering Menopause has had great success!

At age 50, Cat struggled through menopause symptoms, all the while dealing with a devastating financial disaster and going through a divorce from her husband of nearly 20 years. In spite of that rocky road, Cat totally turned her life around. 

Since menopause, Cat started riding and racing her bicycle competitively and became an elite level athlete. At 60 years young, with three grown children, she now  her partner, Gary travel the world doing environmental work protecting the lives of people in all parts of the world. 

Cat enjoys adventures and has braved dangerous Class 4 and 5 rapids while rafting in Peru, Costa Rica, Nepal, Ecuador, New Zealand, Scotland, the Zambezi River in Zambia, Utah and Colorado. She has traveled exploring the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, searching for wild and endangered animals, hiked the Himalayan trail towards Mt. Everest, gone Scuba diving in Spain, Thailand, Costa Rica and Belize, explored Galapagos, kayaked crystal clear waters in Scotland, and been a guest of indigenous locals in the remote highlands of Peru and Nepal. 

Enjoying life to the fullest means adopting a consistent healthy lifestyle, that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, a great social network, and a positive mindset. And it’s NEVER too late to start something new. Menopause can be a journey of self-discovery, self-love and new and amazing experiences! Life is just beginning… 

Cat now lives at the base of the mountains in her dream town, Boulder Colorado and spends time enjoying the outdoors with her dog, Joey.


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