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Jacqueline Martin

My name is Jacqueline Martin, and I am the owner and founder of Lineage Pilates. 

My early career launched as a professional triathlete in Canada, and more recently I have developed a signature Pilates program where I am based in Poland. I was the first Canadian accepted into ‘The Work’ program taught by Jay Grimes who was himself trained by Joe Pilates. I have since 2019 lived in Europe, creating and implementing my proprietary program Lineage Pilates for training Pilates teachers. I have developed the exclusive program for Sense Studio in Warsaw, which was featured with myself in Vogue magazine. In addition, I have a keen interest in travel, fitness, fashion and also stay grounded with my non-profit contribution in Africa, where I was born.

My current focus is with developing functional fitness through the system of Pilates to women over forty, and athletes. I believe that bringing Pilates to the menopause women group would highly benefit their health as I am myself now 54 and have gone through my own personal transformation through menopause. I believe with the classical Pilates practices my body is now in better shape than in my twenties or thirties. From starting  my own body changes with menopause I created a program called “ total body transformation for women over 40 with Lineage Pilates “ .

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