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Julie Zolfo

Julie Zolfo is a transition coach, impact speaker and author who empowers women going through major life changes, especially mid-life and menopause crises, to extend compassion and kindness to themselves as they courageously step forward into uncharted chapters of their life with clarity and ease. Julie attracts seasoned and sassy women, who have temporarily lost sight of their inner beauty and self-worth and are finally ready - and willing - to take the necessary leap into a new way of showing up in the world, putting themselves first, unapologetically. 

Julie’s own journey to true self love and profound fulfillment, began in 2003 after climbing out of a deep depression that left her feeling numb, lost, unlovable and at her worse, despising the woman she had become. Despite her 20 years of upward career mobility as a Human Resources specialist in talent acquisition, leadership development and performance management coupled with the support from her loving family, Julie’s dangerous emotional downward spiral and recurring anxiety attacks continued. By working with her own coach and studying with transformational leaders around the world, Julie learned to permanently shift the underlying negative energies fueling her thoughts, emotions and actions. This shift enabled Julie to finally embrace her innate calling to be a transformational coach, passion trainer, astrologer and life fulfillment specialist fulltime. Today Julie teaches her clients the exact process that changed her life from despair and emptiness into a fulfilling life of fun, purpose and endless new adventures.  

Since 2008, Julie has acquired notable coaching certifications including Strategic Intervention Coach from Madanes-Robbins Coaching, a Tony Robbins endorsed program, her Master Energy Leadership Coach from iPEC and most recently earned the title Master Trainer within the Passion Test Process under Janet Attwood, New York Times Bestselling Author and the creator of Passion Test and Master of Self Love. It was during her own training in 2010 with the Passion Test, Julie had a deeply transformative experience that led her to develop her Fulfillment Factor Formula™ process. In 2011 & 2012, Julie’s propriety coaching process was published in two self-help Amazon compilation best-sellers and is targeted for its own book release in 2020.

As an added tool for self-discovery, self-care and energetic guidance, Julie leverages astrology to help clients understand where they are today, what cycles lie ahead, and how to navigate potential challenging events. Julie’s passion for astrology was fueled by a powerful and personal reading in 2016 from Debra Silverman who help Julie understand a common challenging astrological event called the NIGHT OF THE DARK SOUL, a period of deep-seated sadness or unimaginable ordeals. Through understanding your own moon cycles and planetary transits, Julie will teach you how to move with the tides of life rather than against them so you can make the most of every situation.

By opening the doors of empowerment and transformation, Julie helps women navigating midlife and menopause find joy and meaning again in their lives and in return, Julie experiences joy, meaning and purposes in her own life. Combining life coaching, emotional intelligence, astrology and outdoor mindfulness exercises, Julie’s unconventional coach-approach prepares people to break free from their dissatisfying stagnation so that they can step into a new life chapter unapologetically. Through her signature program, “Happy Feet Mindset – The Soul Freedom Course”, Julie helps women to move beyond their limiting mental trail and guides them on a new heart path of blissful possibilities and infinite discoveries.   

Julie is based in beautiful Bend, Oregon and works with individuals or groups in the area, as well as virtually for those out of town. Rediscover your passion and purpose in life with Julie aboard the Harris Holiday Cruises in 2020 …and bring lots of friends and family members. Can’t cruise this year? Contact Julie directly to explore other possibilities to work together. If you would like to learn more about Julie’ services, please connect her by phone at (415) 265-1558 or by email at