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Amy Buckalter

Amy Buckalter is the founder and CEO of Pulse; the world’s first device and consumable delivery platform developed to improve user experience with personal care or healthcare formulations (lotions, oils, gels, creams, and lubricants). Think of Pulse as modern - stylish Apple design meets the ease and convenience of using coffee delivery platforms Keurig & K-Cups or Nespresso & Nespresso Capsules.

Pulse was created due to Amy’s own experience during  menopause ; using personal lubricants to ease her pain and discomfort for vaginal dryness during intimacy. With lubricants being the #1 doctor recommended solution, she was appalled by the outdated and unhealthy products on the market and the many issues inherent to their use. With 65% of all women using lubricants, Amy was compelled to create a modern and welcoming solution for every woman who deserves comfortable intimacy and improved quality of life. 

Pulse, chic in appearance, solves all the annoying issues of messy overpours, bacterial contamination around the rims of bottles and tubes, those icky-sticky surface residues, and the fumbling with opening and closing of caps and twist tops. And of primary importance, Pulse warms the formulations to eliminate those uncomfortably cold temperatures when the feel of warmth would be highly preferable and oh soooooooo soothing. Pulse includes patented technologies for touchless motion activated dispensing at the user’s request, clean-hygienic dispensing, and safe inductive warming. 

With high customer satisfaction (95% of Pulse’s customer / physician reviews are 5-Star and less than 1% product returns) Pulse and Pulse Pods are a welcomed innovation, poised to revolutionize the consumer experience in personal care.  Pulse’s first application revolutionizes the self-care experience for lubricants and massage oil. Pulse’s next application, Pulse Baby for baby care products will be sure to have moms, and dads, smiling ear to ear. 

An inspiring brand leader and operational game changer, Amy is passionate about being a market disruptor in whichever space she focuses.  Her 35-year career includes a variety of executive leadership roles with brand icons Nike, K2, Rollerblade, and Burton. Amy also built and led her own growth strategy consultancy - Pivot Partners, LLC, helping companies and organizations drive to new levels of revenue and profit performance. She has sat on several profit and non-profit Boards of Directors and has a passion for mentoring MBA students and entrepreneurs who embrace a dream to create something better and different. Amy holds a BA double major in Economics and Sociology from Hamilton College, and has completed Executive Study in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.