Being a first time "cruiser", I didn't know what to expect from this cruise.  Also, despite the amount of public speaking I do, I am a bit of an introvert and was a little nervous to go alone, in fear I may hibernate in my cabin.Well nothing could've been farther from that fear.  I am so glad I didn't invite my boyfriend because it meant I could go do and be with the AMAZING women I made that I now and honored to call "friend".  Although my cabin was clean, quiet and spacious,  I spent very little time in it and lots of time exploring the ports with the girls, evenings out dancing, learning new kitchen hacks at the on-board America's Test Kitchen (what can I say, I'm a nutrition coach) and we even played BINGO one afternoon!And although our destination was majestic in a way that only Mother Nature herself can deliver, the highlights were the interactions with other women.At first, we all did a nice job at making good first impressions.  Then the  breakout sessions and activities that Gwen Harris planned for our Menopause Support Group were remarkable.   A couple private cocktail parties helped break the ice, as did the dining arrangements.  Don't even get me started on the food.  Our expert panel did a fabulous job at explaining the science behind meno symptoms and natural ways to relieve them.  Our very own Anjl Rodee, pulled out all the stops with our therapeutic painting (champagne) party, then an evening of comedy and connection as she entertained us with her hilarious menopause parody songs played on the Ukulele.  We laughed until we cried (or peed ourselves a little).But the daily laps around the deck, the spontaneous chips and salsa at midnight on the Lido deck and the amazing stories my sisters had the courage to share over a private cup of tea, or breakfast, was the magic.  I took the time to be available to my sisters, to be vulnerable, authentic and introspective.  I let my hair down and my guard down and I returned from this trip feeling whole, and I didn't even know I was feeling broken.   I booked my cabin for the next cruise as soon as I got back and cannot wait to meet YOU!

Sandy Hartwell,

I had such a blast on our inaugural menopause support group (MSG) Alaska Cruise! I wish I could cruise on all of them, but sadly, work calls and I don’t have the vacay time.  If anyone has the opportunity to go—you will love these cruises....the ship was gorgeous, the service was fantastic, and this wonderful group of ladies....what can I say?? We laughed so hard, had so much fun, and could relate so well to one another! I had a fabulous cabin that I shared with my mother.I had a such wonderful time. So much so that wish I could repeat it every few months.I met several ladies in our group who I totally connected with and feel that a life long connection blossomed.Thanks.


It was an exceptional week filled with amazing women who shared their experiences, wisdom and knowledge.  The ship was perfect for our group, age and size appropriate. Not once did I feel like an outsider or an obvious amateur cruiser. There was an intimate feel to the entire experience, without feeling obligated.Will definitely cruise with Gwen again.

Christen Clark,

I don’t even know where to start, on what my takeaways were for this amazing adventure!The cruise itself was amazing- the food was sumptuous and plentiful. The staff was so kind and friendly, and I would even say they preemptively meet your every need.But the women… I just want to say right now, that for every comment I’ve seen that reads something like ‘Seven days at sea with a bunch of psychotic menopausal woman?? No thanks!!’ couldn’t be further off the mark.Everybody has their days. But we learn, laugh, play, dance, and take care of our worlds anyway. That’s what we do, what we’ve always done.But for this week, we got to do all of that with our tribe. Our sisters. I’ve never felt so bonded, so quickly, with so many people of such different backgrounds.To quote Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle- ‘It was like coming home, only to a home I’ve never been before. It was… magic.’I can’t wait to do it again in March!! See you all there!!

Anjl Rodee,

I was privileged to join the first inaugural Menopause Support Group Cruise to Alaska (first time to cruise) with a wonderful group of women. We shared our stories of solutions, symptoms, woes, struggles and many other issues we face on a day to day basis as menopausal women. On board the Oosterdam we had fun, music, comedy, education, inspiration and times of personal reflection. These were life changing memories that I’ll treasure forever.Looking forward to the next cruise scheduled for March 2020 to the Mexican Riviera which I’ve already booked and can’t wait to see all my lovely friends again and meet new ones.Thank you Gwen Harris for organizng these cruises.Much appreciated.

Ruby from London,

This was only my second cruise, and my first with Gwen (Harris Holiday Cruises).  There really isn’t anything to compare though.  Everything about this cruise was above my expectations and I will definitely put my trust in Gwen for all future cruises.My travel to this cruise was a little complicated and Gwen really went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met and I have to say, the entire experience was memorable.  Lively dinner conversations,  group gatherings for cocktail hour, or painting and sharing stories. I met amazing women who shared their experiences, knowledge and wisdom. I left inspired and renewed.  Already planning the next cruise. Cannot Wait!

Christen from Guam,